Over the last few days One Giant Leap Australia Foundation (OGLAF) facilitated and hosted a special training and support program offered to all Australian teams registered for this year’s KIBO Robot Programming Challenge (RPC). There are many keen teams participating in the challenge but over the last few months there were gaps identified in some of the participants knowledge and experience. There was also a late start and extra logistical challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions.

OGLAF believes this challenge is a valuable learning experience in the important areas of coding and robotics, that they decided to offer a special training and support program to assist teams to gain the foundational knowledge they need to compete in the challenge and not give up. They engaged the services of a professional programmer to help design and deliver the training in four sessions, over two days.

Session 1: Setting up the environment and simulator

Session 2: Overview of the KIBO RPC: what are we trying to achieve?

Session 3 & 4: Programming basics and development

The program was offered in person for those teams who were able to attend, and remotely for those who could not attend in person but wanted to participate. Most of the team members from the Gadget Girls were able to attend in person, with the others attending the sessions remotely. Team members from Galen VEX, The Brentwood Brainiacs, Hamilton Space School and ICONSMAT attended remotely.

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