Aerospace Academy

The school holidays are coming! Are you interested in space, aviation or careers in STEM? If you are a New South Wales student aged 12 to 15, Aerospace Academy is for you!

Gain practical experience in building, testing, and launching rockets. Learn about space agriculture and what humans need to live in space. Engage with flight simulators as you explore aerodynamics. Learn how to safely operate drones. Find out about careers in the aviation and space sectors and MORE!

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The One Giant Leap Australia Foundation is a Not For Profit Organisation whose purpose is to advance STEM education and careers. We provide life changing opportunities for students and educators to develop and build their knowledge and understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our vastly engaging educational programs about space science, technology and exploration are unique, equitable and diverse. The Foundation is an agile and flexible organisation that connects government with industry, innovation and the community. We are making the impossible possible.

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Current Projects

The programs and projects are diverse. From collaborative annual space tours to America, sponsorships and partnerships with International Space Agencies, major aerospace primes and Like-minded government departments.

More Information
Aerospace Academy
For more than a half-century, Space Exploration has been an inspirational force in our society toward the development and application of science and engineering.
Learn about space biology. Australian students have an opportunity to conduct an experiment using the basil seeds provided by JAXA.
Investigate the effect of microgravity on plant growth in comparison to their counterparts on earth.
Our Student Ambassador Curriculum provides a major steppingstone in developing the Australian STEM workforce in the Future Leader Academy program.
Connecting minds project
Successful collaboration between likeminded global space industry and education partners to showcase to the world how we can work together to solve the problems worth solving.
Aerospace Camp
One Giant Leap Australia Foundation presents Aerospace Camp as part of the New South Wales Government’s Our Region, Our Voice – Regional Youth Investment Program.
Space for a day
Practical workshop – designing rovers, completing robot challenges and learning about space. Watch out for new dates!
The effects of outer space on wattle seed germination and the potential impact of plant growth and food supply in space.
KIBO robotics is for Australian high school and university students. A free competition that enables the operation of robots on the International Space Station.
The Gadget Girlz is a group of women and girls who have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics.

Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest One Giant Leap Australia Foundation news and articles. Check back here for new updates!

More News
Asian Try Zero-G competition

Asian Try Zero-G competition update

An Australian student studying Aerospace Engineering at The Australian National University, Shingo Nishimoto, had his experiment conducted on the International Space Station (ISS) this week after entering the Asian Try Zero-G competition. Students were asked to propose an experiment or exercise that could be selected and conducted by JAXA astronauts in the Kibo module of the ISS.

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Australian student experiment bound for International Space Station

One Giant Leap Australia Foundation, the Australian Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are excited to announce the selection of an Australian student experiment to be conducted on the International Space Station (ISS). Shingo Nishimoto, a student studying Aerospace Engineering at The Australian National University, will have his experiment conducted on the ISS after entering the Asian Try Zero-G competition.

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