Since returning from the One Giant Leap Australia Space Camp USA Tour in 2019, I have been following my passion for open water swimming. To be more specific – my goal of swimming the English Channel in 2021. I have a renewed enthusiasm and belief in myself. Swimming training has been a bit tough with the Covid-19 restrictions, but I have not allowed that to deter me. I have not been able to train in the pool due to all the closures. Instead, I have been training in the Nepean River even though the water has been a chilly 13 degrees celsius. I don’t mind too much though because it has allowed me to continue training, and my family is so supportive of my efforts.

The actual English Channel swim registration is a bit tricky because the Channel swim was cancelled for 2020 and we are doing all we can to get keep our spot in the 2021 group. In the meantime, I will continue training in the river at Penrith, which has been an amazing opportunity to continue training despite the pool closures. Although I am looking forward to getting back in the pool in Windsor as soon as we can.

Sam, One Giant Leap Australia Foundation Student Ambassador

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