Jackie and Bob Carpenter from One Giant Leap Australia Foundation have been a cornerstone in supporting Ella Stoodley (Axion Manufacturing Engineer) with the surface finish of the NSW State and National race cars.
Bob Carpenter has extensive experience in the aeromodelling field and knows how to finish a plane with aerodynamics and a high end polished finish. Collaborating with Bob in F1 in Schools was a dream come true for Ella.

Ella along with team Axion visited Bob at his home and learnt many skills in his work shop. Bob coached Ella in the art of working with balsa wood and the techniques in producing a smooth finish. Bob’s knowledge of balsa wood is extensive and his insights from past experiences are endless. With continued collaboration, Ella is now infusing her car finishing techniques based on Bobs continued coaching and feedback.
At the NSW State final, Ella manufactured the fastest car in Australia with a time of 1.084 seconds.
Ella is now preparing two new cars for the Australian National Final to be held from the 22nd of April 2021. Ella is hoping to again achieve very fast times on the race track and help team Axion gain as many points as possible in the hope of advancing to the World Finals in 2022.

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