Today was a day of fun and creativity with Jenna coming to spend some time with the Student Ambassadors. Jenna is a photography and visual arts teacher in an all girls’ public high school in Sydney. She is a huge supporter of One Giant Leap Australia and is extremely creative. She is a cosplay guru and loves inspiring everyone to do their best. With her ability to encourage everyone to think outside the box, be creative and use their ingenuity, Jenna inspired all of the Student Ambassadors to make wonderful creations, then create games and stories based on their characters.

Superheroes, boat races, a two-faced duck, a crazy cup dispenser, a flame thrower, a banana gun and an interesting frog with teeth were just a few of the wonderful and inventive creations that came from the sessions with Jenna. Best of all is the smiles and laughter they all have together.

The student ambassadors also got to play at being models as they participated in a photo shoot for a local newspaper, The Western Sydney Weekender. Photos were taken of the ambassadors on our giant Mars Map, along with our UBTECH robots that they kids have been playing with all week.

The ambassadors then spent some time engaging in a Skype conference with Debra Brice. Deb is a middle school marine science teacher in the USA and an International Presenter. She is a friend and supporter of One Giant Leap Australia Foundation and has been to Australia multiple times to participate in our Space, STEM and Your Future events, and is planning to continue in the future.

The afternoon was spent at a local park with the student ambassadors launching some bottle rockets that they had built the day before. What kids don’t enjoy (safely) launching rockets into the sky?
It was a day of lots of laughter and learning.

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