The two day workshop:

When we first saw the KIBO Robot Program Challenge (KIBO – RPC) it excited us all. Even though we are from a small regional area, we had the confidence to give this a go.

We got our heads around the concept of the challenge. However, once we started looking more closely at the programming involved, we began to have our doubts. One Giant Leap Australia Foundation invited us to participate in a two day workshop with an expert programmer. We jumped at the chance!

We have now completed the workshop and have a better understanding of what is required for the task. We still need to “debug” the simulator, as it keeps crashing on us! However, we know we have Bob, Heney and Jackie ready to support us.

The team:

Jorja is in Year 10 at Galen Catholic College. Jorja is eager to learn more about coding via the KIBO – RPC. She hopes to have a career in cybersecurity and feels that the being part of a team developing solutions to the challenge will give her a great platform to head off to tertiary studies.

Ryan is in Year 11 at Galen Catholic College. Ryan is a great ideas person. He has solid programming skills and is always called upon to assist the key programmer when things do not work. Ryan is also our resident entrepreneur. He has his own tech business where he has installed security systems for local residents and created a traffic light system for a local motocross course using Arduino.

Mitch is in Year 11 at Galen Catholic College. Mitch is an allrounder who is always thorough and thoughtful in his ideas and communicating with his team. The way Mitch interacts and engages with everyone highlights his passion to become a teacher in the future.

Rutvik is at Charles Sturt University and went to Galen Catholic College. Rutvik is the team mentor, sharing his skills and knowledge with the group. His personality and the way he conducts himself inspires others to go into programming and robotics. Rutvik hopes to become an aerospace engineer and the KIBO – RPC certainly will excite his passion even more.

Read more about the KIBO RPC here:

A video of Galen VEX speaking about their team and the KIBO RPC can be seen here:

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