For more than a half-century, Space Exploration has been an inspirational force in our society toward the development and application of science and engineering. The International SpaceCRAFT Exploration Challenge gives students an incredible opportunity to participate in space exploration themselves – virtually.

As part of a mission team, students will literally design spacecraft, navigate to another planet, land their vehicle, build a planetary habitat, and explore a new planet to find resources in order to sustain human life. Students will learn from subject matter experts including astronauts, scientists and engineers who are directly involved in ongoing missions as they compete with other teams for the best mission design.

Lessons on topics ranging from planetary science to spacecraft systems, orbital mechanics to robotic exploration, bring all aspects of space exploration to an understandable level for young students, who learn by doing and creating with these concepts themselves. The outcome of this program is to inspire young explorers to pursue STEM subjects in school and ultimately enable them to join the international community of scientists and engineers working on the space frontier.

One Giant Leap Australia Foundation has 7 teams registered for the challenge.

Galaxy Goons

Galaxy Goons

Dom, Finn, Jai and Lachlan

We are the galaxy goons! Containing members from all over NSW, our team consists of unique members with a wide range of skills, each contributing to our overall goal of being the best! Each member of the Galaxy Goons brings something different to the table! We are going to be the BEST! The Galaxy Goons love STEM and are excited to use our knowledge of it in the Space Teams challenge!

Saturn Surfers

Emily, Coco, Ellie and Lucy

We are the Saturn Surfers and we are all members of The Gadget Girlz. We are located in NSW, Australia. Each of us has a passion for STEM and science, shown through various fields and interests. We have only virtually met each other a week before the challenge and are looking forward to getting to know each other more. Our group is where creativity, teamwork and critical thinking come together to share a love of science and technology. We have never really participated in a challenge like this and we are excited to expand our knowledge and skills. We are also looking forward to collaborating and connecting with each other and exploring new and diverse ideas within the progression of the challenge.

The Star Rangers

Aaron, Arsh, Jackson and Gracie

Our Mission Patch symbolises our mission to blast off into the galaxy to explore the unknown and take Earth with us. Each of the stars above our names represents our best selves as a shining light leading others to follow us.

Mega Moons

Mega Moons

Bradley, Hayley, Raffa and Seraphina

We are the Mega Moons. We are young, curious explorers who love all things to do with space, chess and other exciting games. We want to learn about and make an impact on the world of space simulation. Together we will strive to create imaginative and fun solutions for the problems presented to us in this challenge. We want to create an extravagant showcase of what humanity can do so that others can be inspired.

Space Warriors

Bernie, Luke and Talal

We are the space warriors. A diverse group sure to bring new ideas to any situation. We’re ready to tackle any problems that come at us. Space is the final frontier, and we are ready to face it head on.

Astrovision Adventurers

Astrovision Adventurers

Declan, Zara, Leander and Sterling

We are the Astrovision Adventurers and we are reaching for the stars! We are a young dynamic team of aerospace enthusiasts (and dog lovers) keen to make our mark on the world of space simulation. Together, we will channel our inner ‘Carl Sagan’ and strive to better understand the ‘Final Frontier’.

In this Challenge, we hope to achieve illuminating insights into Space Exploration so that humanity may eventually find a way to leave their bedroom mess behind for good.

So climb aboard and get ready to take one giant virtual leap for mankind, with his/her best friend!

Space Cowboys

Tia, Bella, Jasmine and Sahara

We are the Space Cowboys, comprised of four avid STEM-driven individuals! We’re eager to traverse the world of online space, in the hopes that one day we can explore it for real. In this challenge, we’re striving to develop skills revolving around space exploration and are super excited to get started!