UBTECH Scholarship Press Release

Lost for words

Imagine coming home from school and there is a knock on the door. Your mum opens the door and a stranger walks in and gives you a cheque for $4,000 and a robot. This is exactly what happened to Luke Aylmore from Western Australia.

He recently received a wonderful surprise when Andrew Waddington turned up at Luke’s home to present him with an UBTECH scholarship. The scholarship is to assist Luke to achieve a long-held dream to go with One Giant Leap Australia on their Space Camp USA Tour in 2021. Andrew also presented Luke with one of UBTECH’s robot kits. Andrew said, “It was wonderful to see the excitement in Luke’s eyes when we were able to fulfill one of his dreams. It is one of those moments I will never forget!”

The One Giant Leap Australia Foundation actively searches for scholarships to assist students to attend its life changing opportunities. This scholarship was made possible by UBTECH and Jeff Bethell from CR Kennedy.

Jeff says, “I am very proud to be part of a business and organisation that not only supports the youth of today, but we are educating them for tomorrow and beyond! It is such a humbling moment to assist Luke in achieving his dreams. I am extremely lucky to be able support One Giant Leap Australia Foundation and their goals. I wish Luke the very best and hope this small amount of support will help him with his dreams!”

Luke’s mum, Julia, was notified by phone and had to keep the scholarship a secret. “Honestly, I could barely put a sentence together I was so overwhelmed. Our family is going through a very difficult period at the moment and without the determination of Jackie and the generosity of Jeff Bethell, this is an opportunity that Luke simply would not have had. Ever since Luke was little he has been fascinated by everything to do with space and flying. I often find him at his computer on the Kerbal Space Program simulator building a space station or practicing his approach and landing on Mars. I simply can’t express my gratitude for the wonderful people at One Giant Leap Australia Foundation and UBTECH for making this happen for Luke.”

Luke, a Royal Australian Air Force Cadet, wants to become a pilot and for him attending the One Giant Leap Australia Space Camp Tour will literally be a dream come true. “I thought I had just missed out on the scholarship. I freaked out for a second when this man I’d never seen before walked into my computer room and handed me a plain white envelope. When I realised what was happening I was lost for words. I have always wanted to attend the One Giant Leap Australia Space Camp Tour and didn’t think that it was an option available to me. My shock has now turned to excitement and I seriously can’t wait!”
More scholarships will be on offer next year. To be kept informed of these opportunities register your interest at https://onegiantleapaustralia.com/space-camp/

Media Contact: Jackie Carpenter, Managing Director, One Giant Leap Australia Foundation

[email protected] / 0412 326 509

Luke and his mum

Luke and his dad

Luke and Andrew

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