Asian Herbs in Space

Australian students have an opportunity to conduct a ground control experiment by using the basil seeds provided by JAXA

This is the first time Australia has been part of this incredible program. Don’t miss out!

In this mission, basil seeds will be grown in the Kibo module and returned for analysis by Japanese and Malaysian researchers. Videos and other resources will be created to support the groups in the program.

One Giant Leap Australia Foundation will provide Australian students and young researchers an education kit that will be used to conduct a ground control experiment using the basil seeds provided by JAXA.

Schools and community groups will be provided with an education program, teleconferences, resources that will assist with conducting the experiment and gathering data through our AHiS app. This program will run for approximately 3 to 6 months.

The cost of the growing kit (including postage) is $110 with GST added.

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More Information

The Space Agencies involved are:

  • Australian Space Agency (Australia)

  • National Museum of Science and Technology (Bangladesh)

  • National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Indonesia)

  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan)

  • Malaysian Space Agency (Malaysia)

  • Nepal Scientific Activities and Research Centre (Nepal)

  • New Zealand Astrobiology Network (New Zealand)

  • Singapore Space and Technology Limited (Singapore)

  • National Space Organization (Taiwan)

  • National Science and Technology Development Agency (Thailand)

  • UAE Space Agency (United Arab Emirates)

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