Tom Nolan

Earth and Climate Scientist NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

From Earth-bound to a Space-faring People

This ‘out of this world’ talk reviews the strategies, and challenges, of freeing ourselves from the bondage of Earth’s gravity and exploring out into the unknown

Shannon Mcconnell

DSN Public Engagement Manager NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

From Mars to the Edge of the Solar System Space Communications

How do scientists and engineers control spacecraft billions of miles from Earth? NASA’s Deep Space Network is a global network of antennas supporting two-way radio communications with spacecraft from a multitude of different countries flying throughout our solar system. Learn about how Spain and Australia work side-by-side with NASA engineers in California to stay in contact with our fleet of robotic spacecraft. Together, the Deep Space Network and NASA is keeping the universe connected.”

Todd Barber

Senior Propulsion Engineer NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Propulsion History of JPL 1936-today (by mission, shows propulsion innovations which happened at JPL, walks through various missions)

Deb Brice

Marine Science Educator NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Science Exploration in Extreme Environments: At sea and in space, when you travel to a galaxy far, far away….what should you bring?

Rachel Zimmerman Brachman

Outreach Lead for Radioisotope Power Systems NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA’s Mars Program

How is NASA exploring Mars; what we expect to find; what we hope to learn; and planning for the future

Christine Fuller

Robotics Mechanical Engineer

Extreme Terrain Robotics At JPL

Meet JPL robots that climb in lava tubes, cling to glass in zero-gravity, and explore under the ice.

Dr. Michael Malaska

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Astrobiologist

Astrobiology and the Search for Alien life

Are there other planets with life in our Solar System? What is needed for life to start and survive? Where should we look? Mars, the Ocean Worlds of Europa, Enceladus, and Titan? This presentation will take a virtual tour of some extreme environments and extreme life on Earth, and then examine some weird and wonderful places where life might exist on other planets in our Solar System and beyond.